Welcome to Church of God Delmarva-DC!


It is with much joy and excitement that we make the transition to Delmarva-DC.  When we received the news that we had been appointed here, we were both elated and humbled.  We are elated in that this region has such a rich and prolonged history, progressive ministry initiatives, life-giving churches and a multiplicity of diversity within its borders.  We are humbled because without a doubt, this is the greatest responsibility afforded to us in leadership.  The very fact that we have been entrusted with this assignment by the Executive Committee carries a great weight of responsibility.  We are committed to serve you.  The ministers and laity of Delmarva-DC deserve the very best that we have to offer.  Our hand is on the plow and we are not looking back. For us, it is full speed ahead because time is of the essence.  Together, we can FINISH the Great Commission in our lifetime.  Unite with us on this journey as we labor together for the Master. 

Stan and Teresa Holder
Administrative Bishop